Thursday, May 21, 2009

Al Gore's Hypocrisy Astounding

Here's the first thing you shouldn't do in front of Al Gore: Be skeptical about catastrophic, human-caused global warming. He will rip your reputation apart, just as he once did to reputable, honorable scientists in congressional hearings.

Here's the second thing you shouldn't do in front of Al Gore: Ask him whether he himself might have the kind of conflict of interest that he takes for granted in others. For heaven's sake, do not get into the question of whether he might make a lot of money with the passage of a global warming cap-and-trade tax that he has been fighting for.

Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee thought it might be interesting to find out. After all, Gore is associated with a venture capital company that has invested about $1 billion in companies that just might make a bundle should cap-and-trade become law. So she asked if he would benefit.

By Jay Ambrose

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  1. You're right Al Gore is the MOST hypocritical person in the world! Have you seen his house? His electric bill? What about his huge wooden (that's right real wood - how many of his precious trees were sacrificed?) deck? Unbelievable.